Application cases

Cooling tower water treatment: check on biocide effectiveness and elimination of bacteria   Cooling towers and bacteria: what happens when chlorination does not work as expected   Once-through cooling systems: effect of chlorine dioxide on biofilm, shock and continuos dosage
Power plant water treatment: improve heat exchange and power production keeping biofilm growth under control   Legionella prevention: ALVIM Biofilm Sensor helps to prevent outbreaks   Food production: detection of bacterial growth increases food safety
Mineral water bottling: ALVIM Biofilm Sensor helps to prevent bacterial spoilage   Soft drink production: increase safety of bottled beverages   Water Distribution Networks: prevention of water contamination from biofilm
Industrial reverse osmosis: detect bacterial growth to check and optimize chemical treatments   Reverse osmosis desalination: increase the efficiency of biocide treatment in membrane processes   Pulp and paper: detection of bacterial growth and check on biocide effectiveness in paper mills
Biogas upgrading plants: optimization of biocide treatments to prevent biofilm-related issues in packed beds        
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