salmonella prevention

Even when it is not directly formed by pathogenic bacteria, biofilm represents the ideal environment for the survival and growth of dangerous microorganisms, such as Salmonella. In order to prevent such potentially harmful contaminations, it is strictly needed to keep biofilm growth under control, applying cleaning/sanitation treatments as soon as bacteria start to colonize surfaces in contact with the water.

The World Health Organization (WHO), in the Salmonella fact sheet, indicates that Salmonella is one of the microorganisms in which some antimicrobial resistance have emerged, affecting the food chain. Prevention requires control measures at all stages of the food chain, including production, processing and manufacturing. In particular, to prevent Salmonella, WHO recommends to keep clean and use safe water.

In particular, the control of this pathogen in poultry feedstuff and water is crucial to protect the entire human food chain, because this contamination can travel from the living animals to the final consumers. To reduce Salmonella in animal feedstuffs, thermal and chemical treatments are usually applied during feed manufacture and storage, but unfortunately this does not ensure the complete elimination of the pathogen


ALVIM Biofilm Probe

Without a real-time, on line biofilm monitoring system, it is very hard to effectively prevent the risk linked to Salmonella and other pathogens, in food production plants.

ALVIM Biofilm Monitoring System helps in keeping track of bacterial settlement and growth inside water lines, tanks, and other surfaces in contact with the water and other liquids allowing to check, at the same time, the efficacy of sanitation treatments. This System has been already used, with positive results, for increasing product safety in the Food&Beverage. An application case in available here.

For more info, visit the ALVIM Biofilm Sensors page, or Contact us!

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