ALVIM Technology review


Techniques for Corrosion Monitoring

ALVIM Biofilm Monitoring Technology was reviewed in the book Techniques for Corrosion Monitoring (Chapter 18 - Corrosion monitoring in microbial environments, by Pierangela Cristiani).

Techniques for Corrosion Monitoring, Second Edition, reviews electrochemical techniques for corrosion monitoring, such as polarization techniques, potentiometric methods, electrochemical noise and harmonic analyses, galvanic sensors, differential flow through cells and multielectrode systems. Other sections analyze the physical or chemical methods of corrosion monitoring, including gravimetric, radioactive tracer, hydrogen permeation, electrical resistance and rotating cage techniques, and examine corrosion monitoring in special environments such as microbial systems, concrete and soil, and remote monitoring and model predictions. A final group of chapters case studies covering ways in which corrosion monitoring can be applied to engine exhaust systems, cooling water systems, and more.