Biofilm related issues

Cooling tower water treatment: more than 90% of bacteria live in biofilms, thus the effectiveness of cleaning and biocide treatments shall be checked against biofilm, not only against free-floating bacteria   Legionella monitoring: this harmful pathogen survives and proliferates inside biofilm therefore, to prevent legionella, it is essential to keep an eye on biofilm growth   Clean-In-Place (CIP): biofilm is much more resistant to cleaning and sanitation than free-floating bacteria, and its resistance increases with time, for this reason it is important to apply treatments as soon as it starts to develop
Food Safety: biofilm is the ideal home for pathogens - to avoid contaminations, it is essential to monitor biofilm growth inside production lines   Salmonella prevention: real time detection of bacteria allows to optimize sanitation and to prevent Salmonella   MIC prevention: bacterial growth on metals greatly increases corrosion - this problem can be reduced only monitoring biofilm growth