ALVIM Biofilm Monitoring System 

Bacteria colonize any structure (pipelines, tanks, machineries, ...) in contact with the water in a very short time, if appropriate countermeasures are not applied. The ALVIM real-time, on line, Biofilm Monitoring System is able to detect bacterial settlement since its first phases (down to 1% of surface covered by microorganisms) and, basing on these data, to manually or automatically adjust and optimize cleaning treatments / biocide treatments (in industrial water systems, pure water lines, etc.) allowing to check, at the same time, the efficacy of the cleaning.

Among the advantages of the ALVIM technology:

  • early warning detection of bacterial biofilm growing on pipelines, tanks, heat exchangers, RO membranes, ...
  • optimization of cleaning treatments (biocides, disinfectans, ...)
  • easy to install, easy to operate
  • virtually maintenance-free probe
  • real-time, continuous biofilm monitoring
  • high sensitivity
  • modular, scalable system

ALVIM Biofilm Sensors have been already used, with highly satisfactory results, in several industrial fields (cooling water systems, industrial water treatment, desalination, food processing, paper mills, etc), including large international companies.


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ALVIM Biofilm Sensor Technical Datasheets

A001 probe, for highly corrosive environments, moderate heat and chemical resistance

A003 probe, resistant to high temperatures and strong chemical treatments, good corrosion resistance

AX probe, ATEX certified ("explosion proof")


Application cases  

Legionella prevention using ALVIM Biofilm Sensor 

Food production: biofilm monitoring increases safety 

Mineral water bottling: ALVIM Biofilm Sensor used to prevent bacterial spoilage 

Reverse osmosis desalination: increased efficiency of biocide treatment thanks to ALVIM Biofilm Monitoring System 


Research papers  

Exploiting a new electrochemical sensor for biofilm monitoring and water treatment optimization - Published on Water Research  45 (2011), pp. 1651-1658

Detection and Monitoring of Biofilm Growth in the Seawater Sulfate Removal Units - Oral communication SPE-174562-MS, SPE Symposium on Water Handling and Management 2015 (Galveston, TX)


Research Projects where ALVIM Biofilm Sensors have been scientifically validated  

DEMOWARE: Innovation Demonstration for a Competitive and Innovative European Water Reuse Sector. FP7 European Project, 2014-2016

Biofilm monitoring in drinking water distribution systems. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Project

NeXOS: Next generation, Cost-effective, Compact, Multifunctional Web Enabled Ocean Sensor Systems Empowering Marine, Maritime and Fisheries Management. FP7 European Project, 2013-2017

CCNS: Corrosion Control for Navy Ships. European Defence Agency Project, 2013-2016