European Defence Agency project indicates ALVIM biofilm sensor as a promising solution for on-board applications


European Defence Agency indicates ALVIM Biofilm Sensor as a promising solution  

The CCNS (Corrosion Control for Navy Ships) project, which ran from 2013-2016 in the EDA (European Defence Agency) framework, involved major European industrial stakeholders, top-rated European research institutes, specialised entreprises and also academic organisations. It successfully tested and identified solutions with high potential, which also triggered numerous scientific publications.

Increasing military requirements combined with environmental regulations, such as REACH, lead to critical situations in the sense that they put at risk the operational availability and running costs of Navy ships in terms of corrosion and surface protection. In this context, the aim of the project was to consider new approaches and solutions for defining in particular the adapted conditions based maintenance.

In order to achieve this, the vast Corrosion Control of Navy Ships (CCNS) study was undertaken to establish the critical areas within Corrosion Control Technology. Through its extensive tests, the project produced very positive results in the field of sensors and fouling treatment. In particular, the Project assessed that ALVIM biofilm sensors represent a promising solution for on-board applications, as illustrated by DCNS at EUROCORR 2016.

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