AS01S3 Sensor
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ALVIM AS01S3 Biofilm Sensor

With hygienic connection to the process, flat surface in contact with the liquid and high resistance to chemical treatments, this model is indicated for applications where hygiene is critical.

Connection to the process   VARIVENT® Type N
(for pipes from DN 40 to DN 150)
Materials in contact with the process   Stainless Steel (working electrode (1), VARIVENT® connector (2)), coated Titanium (counter electrode (3)), PEEK (4), EPDM (O-Ring)
Sensitivity   First bacterial layer
Measures (mm)   ALVIM AS01S3 Biofilm Sensor
Operating conditions    
Temperature:   -10<T<+150 °C
(to monitor biofilm growth: +2<T<+40 °C)
Oxygen:   >1 ppm
Pressure:   <10 bar
Conductivity:   >30 µS/cm
Power supply   12 / 24 V DC ±20%, 500 mA
Data communication   4-20 mA and RS485/MODBUS RTU
Wiring   6-wire cable (external diam.<8 mm, wire section=0.5 mm2)
2 wires used for power supply, 2 for RS485/MODUS communication, 2 for 4-20 mA data transmission
Software - Minimum system requirements (RS485/MODBUS)   PC with Windows XP/7/8/10, 1 GHz CPU, 512 Mb Ram, 200 Mb of free space on hard drive, RS485 serial interface or USB port (for USB-RS485/MODBUS converter)


VARIVENT is a registered trademark of GEA TUCHENHAGEN GMBH. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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