• ALVIM Srl fournit des solutions innovantes high-tech pour le monitorage du biofilm dans différentes applications
  • ALVIM sensors monitor bacterial biofilm, not generic deposit (fouling) as other  devices do
  • In order to prevent outbreaks of legionella and other harmful bacteria, biofilm growth should be kept under control


What is biofilm? Short video


  When some of the bacteria free in the water settle on surfaces in contact with the, liquid, they start to duplicate, forming a layer usually known as biofilm. Free-floating bacteria represent just 10% of the total number of bacteria in a piping system. Indeed, 90% of microorganisms live in biofilm, not free in the liquid. When biofilm is mature parts of it can detach, cross-contaminating other points of the piping system. Biofilm causes many different issues:
  • A 20-micron thick biofilm reduces thermal efficiency by 30% and more.
  • Biofilm causes MIC (Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion).
  • Biofilm is the ideal environment for the survival and proliferation of pathogens.

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