ALVIM Biofilm Monitoring Technology - Food&Beverage Applications

CIP, Sanitation and Food Safety

The proliferation of pathogens in Food&Beverage production lines takes place for more than 90% inside the layer of bacteria (biofilm) that forms on surfaces in contact with water and other liquids. Large and unexpected changes in bacterial count in samples from process/production lines are a clear indication of biofilm growth. Without a device able to detect bacterial development since its first phases, on line and in real-time, it is very hard to effectively prevent the risk linked to pathogens, in Food&Beverage production plants.

ALVIM Biofilm Probes help to detect bacterial settlement and growth inside water lines, tanks, and other surfaces in contact with the water and other liquids allowing to check, at the same time, the efficacy of CIP, sanitation treatments and water treatments.

ALVIM Hygienic Biofilm Sensor

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